Dr. Yashica Robinson Black Student Midwife Fund

The Dr. Yashica Robinson Black Student Midwife Fund is an initiative dedicated to growing the number of Black student midwives in Alabama.

The fund is named in honor of Dr. Robinson, one of the founding board members of our organization. Dr. Robinson’s work in our community is an incredible example of what care looks like when providers prioritize the dignity and autonomy of their patients. Through this fund, we honor her dedication to the education of future reproductive care providers. 

Through the Dr. Yashica Robinson Student Midwife Fund, we are offering scholarships and grants to deserving Black students who are pursuing careers in midwifery. Our goal is to provide financial assistance and create a supportive community to empower Black student midwives to become leaders in their field. 

We believe that investing in the education of Black student midwives is crucial to addressing the shortage of midwives in the state, particularly in underserved communities where Black families face higher rates of maternal and infant mortality. Black student midwives have unique insights into the needs of their communities, and we trust them to use their skills and knowledge to make a positive impact. 

To apply for the Dr. Yashica Robinson Student Midwife Fund, you must be a Black student pursuing a degree or certification in midwifery in Alabama, or with the intention to return to Alabama. We want to hear about your personal journey, your interest in midwifery, and your insight into the kind of support people in your community need as they make choices for themselves and their families. 

We trust you to use the scholarship funds to cover your tuition and other educational expenses, and to use your education to make a positive impact in your community.

If you are a Black student midwife in Alabama, we encourage you to apply for the Dr. Yashica Robinson Student Midwife Fund. If selected, scholarship recipients will receive up to $2,000 to cover their tuition and other educational expenses. All distributions are contingent on the balance of the fund at a given time.
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