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Our Team
Jasmine Hammonds
Program Director


 Jasmine is a Fertility and Labor Doula, Childbirth Educator, and Lactation Counselor supporting families in North Alabama and virtually anywhere. Jasmine's birth work began shortly after the COVID pandemic started to shut down everything and everyone. She was caring for an infant at home and the pandemic had made connecting very difficult. As in-person gatherings transitioned to virtual, she found support in lactation FB group and that is when her journey into birth work began. Jasmine resides in Madison, Alabama with her husband and their four children. As part of the perinatal community, Jasmine has worked hard to increase awareness, and education across the state by participating actively with organizations and committees that align with the shared goal to improve the health and outcome of Alabamian births, babies, and mothers. When she’s not spending time with her family, or supporting others, she likes to pick out new nail polish colors.

Lindsey Jayne Mullen
Operations Director


Lindsey Jayne is a full spectrum doula, a ritualist and a queer poet who also happens to love spreadsheets and bookkeeping. She has a BA with a depth study in Social Justice studies from the University of Alabama and a Master of Divinity from Wake Forest University. Lindsey began her doula path in pursuit of understanding more about the sacred art of attending to people as they approach the threshold spaces of reproductive experience. She became a birth and bereavement doula in 2014 and an abortion doula with ACC in 2019; she began her work as operations director in 2022.

Dr. Yashica Robinson
Board Member and Founder

Dr. Robinson is an OBGYN who has practiced medicine, including abortion care as well as maternity care, in Alabama for over a decade. She has been an innovator in the realm of reproductive healthcare and is the creator of the Robinson-Foley method, which allows second trimester abortion procedures to be completed in one day. Her techniques have been presented at conferences and taught to other abortion care providers. 


Dr. Robinson is an advocate for patient rights and the right of each person to be in charge of their own reproductive healthcare choices.

Dr. Sanithia Williams
Board Member

Dr. Williams is an obstetrician and gynecologist who has worked in reproductive healthcare for 10+ years. She believes in providing the full spectrum of reproductive health care, including prenatal and abortion care.


Her practice of medicine is influenced by the tenets of Reproductive Justice movement, as she believes each person has the right make decisions about their reproductive health in a safe and supportive society and community. 

Natalie Alvarez
Board Member
Kirsten Clark 
Founder and Board President

Kirsten is a full-spectrum doula trained in abortion care as well as birth, postpartum, and pregnancy loss support.


She has lived in Alabama for close to twenty years and has been a vital part of the reproductive health community in north Alabama, advocating specifically for human rights in childbirth as well as access to in-person doula support in local abortion clinics.


Her passion is to ensure that pregnant people receive respectful, compassionate, safe healthcare throughout their reproductive life span. 

Kaelie Harris
Project Lead of Mama Circle Huntsville

Kaelie is a birth doula, placenta encapsulator, childbirth educator, and yoga instructor. 

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