Increasing Access to Electric Breast Pumps for Alabama Parents

The North Alabama Breast Pump Project (NABPP) is a community based breast pump loan project covering multiple cities and counties in North Alabama and surrounding areas. The intent of the NABPP is to encourage and increase breastfeeding for a minimum of the child’s first six months.


By collecting and distributing quality pumps to local lactating parents, our hope is to eliminate the economic, social, physical and cultural challenges often surrounding breastfeeding in general and pumping specifically.


This project is led by Natalie Alvarez.


Want to Help?  Here's How!

SAVE your used breast pump to donate

VOLUNTEER to clean/distribute pumps or provide peer support to breastfeeding moms 

DONATE funding for pump accessories


To help, contact the NABPP Project Lead, Natalie Alvarez, at

Alabama Cohosh Collaborative
PO Box 22521
Huntsville, AL 35814
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