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Increasing Access to Electric Breast Pumps for Alabama Parents

The North Alabama Breast Pump Project (NABPP) is a community based breast pump loan project covering multiple cities and counties in North Alabama and surrounding areas. The intent of the NABPP is to encourage and increase breastfeeding for a minimum of the child’s first six months.


By collecting and distributing quality pumps to local lactating parents, our hope is to eliminate the economic, social, physical and cultural challenges often surrounding breastfeeding in general and pumping specifically.


This project is led by Natalie Alvarez.


Want to Help?  Here's How!

DONATE your breast pump to a family in need.

We can accept any closed-system pump (this excludes most Medela pumps) that is in good working condition. Donations can be dropped off at Alabama Women's Wellness Center any time during their normal business hours.

PURCHASE pump accessories through our Amazon wishlist.

For more info about this project, please contact the NABPP Project Lead, Natalie Alvarez, at

Need a Pump?

Are you a lactating or pregnant parent in need of a breast pump? We'd be happy to get you a clean, preowned pump at no cost! We also offer pumping supplies such as milk storage bags and breast pads, when we have them available.

To get started, please fill out the forms below and we will be in touch to get you a pump.