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Alabama is a dangerous place for Black birthers.

Our state has one of the highest rates of maternal and infant mortality for Black families. Black birthers and their babies are also at a greater risk for preterm birth and low birth weight, major complications which can cause long term health issues.

Luckily, there's a straightforward way to improve this problem.

Doula support has been extensively researched and is shown to improve health outcomes for birthers and babies. We believe that Black birthers can especially benefit from how doula support can help lower risk of interventions.

We want to make it possible for Black families in Alabama to access doulas regardless of their financial status. We are working to provide birth and postpartum support for families at no cost, while also paying doulas a sustainable living wage.

With this initiative, we also strive to support and highlight the incredible Black birth workers who show up daily to support the Black community. 

Initiative Goals
Provide birth doula support for Black birthing families​
Provide postpartum doula support for Black families
Highlight and support Black birth workers in the community
Invite the north Alabama community to invest in Black families through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum
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